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We bought our first Numatic HVR200-22 Henry Vacuum Cleaner on the recommendation of the man who laid our oak floor. We had heard that you needed to take special care of wooden floors and decided that the man who supplied and fitted them might be a good source of information on how to care for them. I was expecting him to recommend special types of mop, cleaning solution and so on. Instead, much to my surprise, he said "get a Henry".

photo of Numatic NVR200-22 Red Henry Vacuum CleanerIt was then I noticed that when he was clearing away after his days' work he took a Henry from the back of his van and proceed to vacuum up the smaller off cuts of wood, sawdust and all the assorted debris of his activities. He said he'd had his current Henry for years - they just kept on working.

So we took ourselves off and found a Henry and bought it. Since then its friendly red face has made us smile while it's powerful suction and easy use has kept both our oak floor and the carpets in the rest of the house beautifully clean.

photo of our black dog on a beach in WalesThis is especially important to us as we have a dog. A black dog. One who seems to shed hair continually, enjoys a good romp in muddy woodlands or on a sandy beach and then proceeds to leave the dried mud or sand wherever he happens to lie down. Like any dog he has his favourite places of course and we can see our light coloured carpet getting blacker and blacker if we are remiss enough not to vacuum each day. Cleaning dog hairs and dried mud or sand from carpets is not the easiest of jobs for any vacuum cleaner. The good news is that when our Henry vacuum cleaner brings his cheeky smile and powerful suction to bear our carpet is once more restored to its former glory - all dog hair, mud and sand are successfully cleared up.

We have tried other vacuum cleaners with varying degrees of success, even paying out for a very expensive Kirby Legend II vacuum cleaner. In practice although a quality product it's weight meant it became a chore for my wife to keep lugging up and down stairs and she found it fiddly to keep taking the brush unit off to fit the hose to clean the stairs, then refit the brush unit again to do the landing and so on. She complained that she "just wanted something to get clean the floors without all the drama". We bought our Henry and never looked back. And Henry brings another benefit - although the Henry is also a high quality unit and does a great job, it costs a fraction of the price of the Kirby! (In case anyone's interested I now have a Kirby vacuum cleaner for sale...). I cannot recommend the Henry Vacuum Cleaner enough.

We recently bought another Henry - this time a Henry Micro for my son and daughter-in-law. She suffers from an allergy to certain pet hairs but he has a job which requires him to keep a number of small animals in their home as he visits schools and other institutions giving talks about animals and the ecosystem. We chose the Henry Micro due to its approval by the British Allergy Foundation. They are delighted with it.

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