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Numatic HVR200T-2 Henry TurboVacuum Cleaner

Numatic HVR200T-2 Henry Turbo Vacuum CleanerThe HVR200T 2 Henry Turbo has been discontinued by Numatic, but if you want one you might still be able to find it. (Or check out availability of the Henry Hound which is very similar.) It has the same main features of the regular Red Henry with the addition of a 24V turbo electric self-adjusting power brush. Like the Red Henry, the turbo is a dry only vacuum cleaner with a powerful 1200W two stage motor providing high and low ("Hi" and "Lo") 2-speed operation. It has a 10m cable with an easy to use rewind system. This latest version of the Henry Turbo has the new MicroFresh filtration system. Micro being 98% eficient and fresh by virtue of a giant activated charcoal filter membrane sandwiched between twin Tritex filters, providing a high degree of odour control.

These new features mean the Henry Turbo is the luxuary choice for extensively carpeted and also pet owning households.


HVR200T-2 Henry Specifications
Motor Power 1200W
Cleaning Range 26.8m
Weight 7kg
Power 230V AC 50/60Hz
Airflow 42L/sec
Suction 2500mm
Size 340x340x370mm
Capacity 9L

 The Henry Turbo is supplied with "Accessory Kit T22".

Henry Accessory Kit T22 Kit T22 for Numatic HVR200T-2 Henry Turbo Vacuum Cleaner
240mm Crevice Tool
65mm Soft Dusting Brush
150mm Upholstery Nozzle
150mm Slide on Brush for Upholstery Nozzle
2.0m Nuflex Turbo Electric Hose
300mm Turbo Electric Power Brush Nozzle, Red
Combination Floor Nozzle For Turbo Systems
Turbo Electric Hand Accessory Adaptor
Long Standard Turbo Electric Aluminium Tube
Short Homecare Turbo Electric Aluminium Tube

Buying a Henry Turbo HRV200T-2 Vacuum Cleaner



When buying any Henry you want to make sure you find a good supplier. Online it can be difficult to know which suppliers you can trust but I have found, to my surprise, that Amazon sell other things beside as books. What&s more they have some of the best vacuum cleaner prices and provide the security of buying from a well known and trusted company. So I have included a Henry Turbo product link to Amazon on this site which displays their current price. And remember, with Amazon delivery is included in the price shown. Simply click on the link to purchase your very own Henry Turbo Vacuum Cleaner.

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