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Numatic Henry Vacuum Cleaners - Meet the Family

Photo of Numatic HVR200A Red Henry Vacuum Cleaner
Henry, Europe's favourite vacuum cleaner with now over six million in use, available in 4 colours. Powerful 1200W two stage motor with Autosave hi-lo operation. 10m cable with rewind system.
Hetty HET200-22 Vacuum Cleaner
Everyone knows Henry, bringing a smile to those cleaning chores. Henry has now got a friend ... Hetty. So you now have a choice ... Henry or Hetty ... or both!

Numatic HVX-200-22 HenryXtra Vacuum Cleaner
The 'Henry' with Airo power brush, particularly useful in pet-owning households, 3-stage Microfresh filter.
Photo of Numatic JVP180 Yellow James Vacuum Cleaner
Small dry vacuum cleaner with powerful 1100W motor; unique 'caddy' top allowing storage of small tools, duster, polish, etc.

Henry Micro, all the usual high Henry spec. plus Microtex filtration system - approved to the highest allergen standard by the British Allergy Foundation.
CVC-370-2 Charles small
Wet or dry vacuum cleaner. with powerful 1200W two stage motor. Comes with safety float valve for wet use & big filters and disposable dust bags for dry use.

Harry is the latest cleaner in the range and has been designed especially for pet owning households. 
GVE-370-2-George Small
'All-in-one' vacuum cleaner. offering five cleaning options - dry or wet vacuuming, scrubbing & drying of hard floors, cleaning the carpets and upholstery.

HVR-200T-2-HenryTurbo Small
Henry Turbo - all of the standard Henry features plus 24 volt turbo electric self-adjusting power brush. Particularly useful in carpeted homes where pets are kept.
GVE-370-2-George Small
Henry Hound is related to Henry Turbo but noted for his quietness.

Photo of Henry Spray Mop HM40
Henry Spray Mop - Microfibre floor mop with onboard, foot or hand operated, liquid dispenser. In striking red & black Henry-branded colour finish, the perfect floor cleaning team mate for Henry.
Hetty Spray Mop HM40
Hetty Spray Mop - Microfibre floor mop with onboard, foot or hand operated, liquid dispenser. In striking pink & black Hetty-branded colour finish, the perfect floor cleaning team mate for Hetty.


 Henry Vacuum Cleaners
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Henry Hound HHR200-2
 Hetty Vacuum Cleaners
Hetty HET200-A2
 Harry Vacuum Cleaners
Harry HHR200A
 Multi-Function Cleaners
Charles CVC370
James JVP180-A1
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 Henry & Hetty Mops
Henry Spray Mop HM40
Hetty Spray Mop HM40
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Little Hetty Toy Vacuum Cleaner
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